[content_box heading=”Special purpose lighting fixtures” heading_size=”h2″ heading_style=”” button_style=”text” button_size=”small” punchline=””]At Unikoms we are able to design and manufacture special purpose lighting fixtures at your request. If you are looking for lighting with specific characteristics and capabilities and you are unable to find it elsewhere, we will make it for you.

During the years we gained rich experience in designing and manufacturing of LED lighting. Our team have made various LED modules and continue to use the accumulated knowledge and skills in development of new, improved products. We have established strong partnership with industry’s leading suppliers, which gives us access to great number of components. Our production facility is equipped with hi-tech machines and SMT assembly lines. All this allows us to complete your request for custom LED lighting with guaranteed quality and success.[/content_box]

[content_box heading=”You are able to choose the components and technical specifications:” heading_size=”h5″ heading_style=”” button_style=”text” button_size=”small” punchline=””][rt_bullet_list list_style=”style-3″ icon=”check” id=”” class=””]

  • any OSRAM LEDs or LEDs from other manufacturers
  • UV, IR or LEDs with specific wavelength
  • Power consumption
  • LED driver
  • Capabilities for dimming and remote control
  • Other specific requirements, according to your needs


…or if you’d like it’s enough to specify the requirements and application and we will take care of the rest.[/content_box]

Our team will carry on your request and offer a product according to your needs. The development process involves customer consultation, component selection, design, development and testing. The end result is a product that meets your specific requirements and application, with quality guarantee and optimal price.

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